All at a glance

Multi-brand compatibility: fixtures are shown within the maintenance screen and basic parameters can be set without the need for an additional tool.

Easy and Fast Access to all information: automatic overview of fixture information.

User Friendly: a user-friendly graphical user interface provides immediate fixture information and suggestions for addressing fixtures issues.

Smart Notepad (scheduler): A smart, interactive Notepad allows the user to insert notes and activity schedules.

More Savings: thanks to all its features, CloudIO saves you the time and resources needed to perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of your fixture inventory.

Cloud Data and Preventive Maintenance: all data is stored in the cloud, so it is always available. Predictive maintenance available based on CloudIO’s data analysis.

Smart Coding: It offers the opportunity to link quickly the CloudIO system to the internal warehouse of the rental companies. All the fixtures are identified, and the user can insert the warehouse code inside the CloudIO system using a barcode reader or a PC.

Firmware update: one-click firmware update (**)

CPU Firmware updates on multiple models: All the Claypaky fixtures sharing the same CPU platform can be updated together in the same batch, speeding up the firmware update proves. (**)

Live Remote Assistance: technical support staff can view fixture information/status remotely in real time. All the RDM parameters of Claypaky fixtures can be set remotely, from an optimized web interface (**)

More Flexibility: all parameters from the connected units can be checked collectively, individually or in groups, as required, including lamp life, firmware update, error diagnostics, DMX settings, batch overview and maintenance procedures. (**)

(**) Functionalities available for Claypaky fixtures only.

Complete automation

CloudIO simplify firmware updates on Claypaky fixtures; the system will suggest which firmware is needed on the fixtures for all the different electronic boards, guiding the user in the correct update or downgrade. If necessary, CloudIO can be used to update firmware without an internet connection.

Firmware can be downloaded in advance and the update to the Claypaky fixtures can be done offline.

Simple routine

CloudIO is your partner for your daily life. When you connect fixtures to the DMX OUT a friendly colored user interface will give you an immediate feeling on the status of the fixtures connected, allowing you to be focused only on the needed operations.

CloudIO can be used as well within fixed installations, reducing cost of intervention and allowing the technicians to remotely check the status of the fixtures. All information can be downloaded and all the parameters from the connected fixtures can be checked collectively, individually or in groups.


CloudIO works with DMX protocol and RDM standard. It is equipped with 2 in/out pass-through DMX connections and one Art-Net ready port.
Internet connection can be provided by cable or through wi-fi.

Next level assistance

Remote assistance with your tech or CP customer care with better real time support

CloudIO provides an interactive service manual with description of the events and a «first aid» for trouble fixing. You receive simple, graphical visual directions to identify the problems, and the Claypaky Customer Care can support you accessing the diagnostic information and providing real-time trouble shooting. You can monitor all the internal events recorded in the fixtures and save them for your internal documentation.

Preventive maintenance

A detailed information is available for each single fixture, and interventions can be planned before troubles occur. Maintenance becomes preventive through statistics and data analysis managed by Claypaky.

Enhanced flexibility

Works exclusively online but the Cloud solution not a limit but flexible connections wifi and ethernet + hotspot.

CloudIO solutions works exclusively online and the cloud-based platform allows you to access to your data in every moment and from everywhere.

CloudIO is designed around you, all data streams are optimized to let CloudIO works everywhere also connected to a phone hotspot with a low bandwidth consumption.

Easy commissioning

Each CloudIO box can be easily paired with the user account just inserting the user credentials on the device. Every user can have many CloudIO box available in the web interface. All the owned CloudIO boxes can be easily arranged and organized in the interface accordingly to the warehouse or installation needs.

Retrofit System

CloudIO is a retrofit solution that works with most Claypaky fixtures, not only with the new ones and without any additional hardware. Download the complete list from the Claypaky website.

Master or slave configuration

CloudIO is a system designed to be complete integrated in your existing workflow without any additional effort. CloudIO has an input and output DMX port that allow you to place it into your existing DMX line and a simple switch will enable or disable the CloudIO functionalities.